Osteoblast Training® Testimonials

Osteoblast Training® is one of the most educational and functional certifications I have had the pleasure of taking. Training for bone health and maximum bone density is cutting edge in the field of personal training. Not only did I learn the correct techniques of the exercises, but with Chris’ exercise progressions I can advance beginners in a safe proficient manner.

Having the knowledge of bone composition and the bone’s response to loading, makes it easier to design workout programs that lead to stronger, healthier bones and a higher quality of life. The hands-on approach and the live demonstrations make this certification as enjoyable as it is informative. Chris is one of those rare instructors that have a passion for training but more importantly a passion for teaching.

Luke Hutchinson
Advanced - Certified Personal Trainer (A-CPT)
Personal Trainer in FL and LA
Email: hutchluke1381@gmail.com


Firstly I want to say thank you for a great class! To become a great personal trainer you always strive to learn something new…Osteoblast Training® gives you something diverse and new. You will learn all the power exercises and variations that increase bone mineral density (BMD) and strength. I use them everyday in one way or another with all my clients.

I think all clients need to increase their bone health no matter what age or gender. The older population can do the more simple variations of the exercises, and the younger or more advanced clients can do the more complex variations. Chris is a wonderful teacher and takes you through how to adapt the basic and advanced exercises for all your clients. I was really glad that I learned how to do all the Osteoblast Training® exercises and become Osteoblast Training® Qualified.

Bettina Lindahl
Certified Personal Trainer
Personal Trainer in Finland
Email: bettina1510@hotmail.com


Osteoblast  Training®  taught me a whole repertoire of unique exercises that I use on a daily basis while training my bone health clients, sports specific clients, and myself. Not only was the class interesting, educational, and challenging, but it has spiked the interest of many clients and prospective clients who need and want  improvements in their physique and bone health.

The program was created and developed by a renowned fitness educator and it was truly an honour to have learnt  under him. Osteoblast Training® has been one of the best investments I have made in my personal training career and it has given me an edge in the fitness industry.

Juilano Caprara
Certified Personal Trainer
Sportime, NY
Email: jcap1990@yahoo.com


I have had the privilege to be part of the Osteoblast Training® experience. After receiving a technically brilliant and from an educational standpoint enlightening education from Chris Williams at NPTI, Orlando, I was curious how my clients would react to this type of training.

Although challenging, my clients were instantly compelled by the complex moves and the thought process behind Osteoblast Training®. No matter if they wanted to improve on their bone health, hypogonadism, total body strength, or power development, everyone got right into it and never stopped implementing the different variations of Olympic weightlifting techniques.

It really works no matter what your goal is. Osteoblast Training® can start at an easy level at a fair tempo and even for professional athletes there is no limit in difficulty. You can always improve that’s why Osteoblast Training® is the right way. It is fast, makes you fast, compact  and strong, and what is most important is that it will help you long-term. Be part of the Osteoblast Training® experience. It will make a huge impact on your life, not just in the gym.

Oliver Berest
Advanced - Certified Personal Trainer (A-CPT)
Personal Trainer in Germany and Morocco
Email: oliver@berest.de